Linear weighers LWT12 – LWT42

Basic weighing module with separate coarse and fine feeding channel combining high yield with maximum precision. Equipped with modern electronic control and easy Touchscreen operation. Designed for low maintenance and intuitive operation. All Product touching material quickly unmountable without any tooling.

Highlite: Single known weighing machine with controlled vibrators, fully compensating load variations of the feeding channels and preventing startup peaks. This guarantees a constant product flow and high accuracy.

Options: Feeding devices like elevation belts, CIP feeders, bulk vibrators, throughed belts.

Type Filling range
LW12 single 10..10000 25 unlimited
LW22 double 10..10000 40 unlimited
LW32 triple 10..10000 60 unlimited
LW42 quad 10..10000 80 unlimited

Products: powders, granulates, flakes and lumpy products e.g. oat flakes, cereals, sugar, salt, coffee (grained or beans), crisps, wheat, flour, spices, washing powder, etc.

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