Welcome to AWEMA

Good chocolate is something very natural to Swiss People. And making good machinery for outstanding chocolate, is our objective at AWEMA since 1965.

Today, we serve more than 1’000 customers across the globe with our easy-to-operate, high quality chocolate production solutions. 

Our 5’000 m2 factory is located close to Winterthur and offers modern and bright workplaces.

AWEMA stands for cutting-edge technology und innovative concepts. Key focus is on speed, dosing accuracy and quick set-up times combining advanced drive technology, Linux based realtime-IPCs for process control and Kuka robot systems.


  • 1965

    Initial steps: AWEMA AG evolves from the vision of developing computer-controlled weighing systems for industrial applications. Within the following years the early developer team build the world’s first computer-driven weighing machine.

  • 1978


    Launch of custom-built production equipment especially for the confectionery industry.

  • 1983


    The first multi-headed weighing system is introduced.

  • 1992


    Development of the first fully-automated production line for hollow chocolate items and liqueur filled pralines.

  • 1994


    Introduction of the first One-Shot depositing system UDM-202, established AWEMA as the market leader for the industrial application of the One-Shot technology.

  • 1998


    Installation of the first demoulding machine.

  • 1999


    Combining efficient and reliable technology from the automotive industry to develop the decorating robot ARTIST-212.

  • 2001


    Introduction of the depositing machine UDM-303 with a maximum output of two tons / hr. Until today this is one of the most powerful depositing machines available on the market.

  • 2003


    New drive technology establishes itself: the servo-driven UDM-222 stands out as being extremely low-maintenance.

  • 2008


    Since 2008 all Awema confectionery machinery are equipped for remote diagnosis and maintenance.

  • 2008


    Continuity ensured with the next generation taking over – René Amherd acquires Awema from the Holenstein family.

  • 2009


    New UDM101 introduced. Medium Capacity Machine with the same Advantages and Features of the bigger UDM-Family-Machines.

  • 2011


    New Eco-Line introduced. Most flexible but yet economical production line with a small footprint.

  • 2016


    Move to new headquarters at Oberneunforn TG. Modern 5’000 sqm factory for AWEMA AG and our sister company, the Blumer Maschinenbau AG.

  • 2017

    4 Piston Axis UDM111/4 as an industry first.

  • 2021


    Design, manufacturing and installation of fully automated decorating line using eight industrial Kuka robots.

  • 2021


    Continuity ensured with the next generation taking over – Dr. Thomas Ahlburg and Roy Bruderer acquire Awema from René Amherd.

  • 2022


    Advanced drive technology established for all universal depositing machines.